How I heal animals naturally – part 2

I like if I can go hands-on with animals if in my local area, I like to go in the box with the owner, rider of the horse I explain that they are the problem for the horse, this does surprise them. The more you love something the more powerful it becomes.

Who needs healing now

How do I do hands on healing

For me anyone can do animal healing, it’s about becoming sensitive to the animals energy You dont need to go on expensive courses, I get people to place there hands on the animal, don’t pin the animal down just let it be, horses generally just stand there. Ask permission from the animal if its ok to work with them and lay your hands on them.  

The reason I  ask this, you wouldn’t go up to a stranger and start putting your hands all over them. When you ask permission from the animal, just ask ” is it ok to touch and work with you” you get a gut feeling and gain more respect from the animal. It may sound and feel silly it’s important to the animal your gaining their trust.

As you glide your hands over the animal’s bodies, your notice hot and cold spots on the body. Hot spots are slight energy blockages which you can work on. When you get a hot spot, just place your hands on the area and imagine spreading the hot energy away, this will then become a cool area. You can’t cook the animal with too much hands-on healing if the animal has had enough the animal will simply get up and move away as cats and dogs do or the horse will walk away. I am often asked this.

All the while you running your hands over the animal your start to get a feeling, or some thing will come to mind, I have learnt over the years to just say what has now entered your mind.

 trust me, do not try and work it out or analyis this, if you do your lose the message for the owner. It will feel odd at first, but just. say what has come up, more information will come to you.

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