Hi, my name is Gary and I’d like to welcome you to my site.

Emotional Healing Bristol is a new healing & wellbeing service based in Bristol recently moved from London. Next to IKEA.

Making the decision. To see a very qualified wellbeing consultant is a big step forward and dealing with whatever issues are troubling you.  I understand that it is often an anxious and daunting step to take. Many people contact me because they are scared and anxious.

If you are feeling stuck, dissatisfied with life, have lost your mojo, or if your life seems of such little significance that you’re not inspired to bounce out of bed, then you’ve come to the right place.

We all want to be happy, live authentically, be in loving relationships, find our dream career or have financial security. Our pursuit for happiness is a result of believing from birth that through success in our jobs, relationships and finances we will find happiness. But here’s the real truth; success does not create happiness, happiness creates success.

It starts with an inner exploration of your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours. It’s listening to your heart through self reflection, inner dialogue and contemplation, and then being open to change. That’s how you let success come to you.

Emotional Healing Bristol takes place in a comfortable and supportive environment, in which you set the agenda. 

You will be listened to and accepted and respected regardless of what issues you bring. The experiences that people rarely talk about and I encourage people to have the confidence.

Because you can feel listened too in these scary times in 2020. I have a passion and great experience for helping clients through suppressed anger, resentment, anxiety, guilt, mental health and blame and allows them to start to understand what and why it happened to them and allows them to break free and move forward.

So please take a look around my site and feel free to get in contact if you would like to arrange a session or just have a question to ask.